Root Finding

Case study: Quantile function Hoyt distribution

The cumulative distribution function \(F(x)\) of the Hoyt distribution is given in closed form, but the quantile function \(Q(p)\) is not. \(Q(p)\) = \(F^{-1}(p)\) -> given probability \(p\), find \(x\) such that \(F(x) = p\).

Strictly monotonous function \(f: F() - p\) where the root \(x\) needs to be found such that \(F(x) - p = 0\).

Implement the quantile function of the Hoyt distribution by doing root finding of \(f\).

[1] 3.351123

Simulate random deviates from the Hoyt distribution using inverse transform sampling = draw \(p\) from uniform distribution over \([0,1]\) and return \(Q(p)\).

Check that empirical cumulative distribution of random deviates actually follows theoretical cumulative distribution function.

plot of chunk numRoot1
plot of chunk numRoot1

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